Meet me at:  Via Porta Marina, 80045 Pompeii (Naples) Italy  (main address).

This standard tour of the archaeological site of Pompeii lasts about 2 hours, and it entails visiting the major Pompeii site highlights, such as the Forum, “Lupanare” (brothel), Public Baths, Roman villas, major Roman Temples, as well as an exhaustive walk along ancient Pompeii’s most important shopping thoroughfare Via dell’Abbondanza, as well as enjoying the plaster cast examples of the victims of the Vesuvius eruption which totally destroyed the Roman town of Pompeii, covering it under approx. 15 ft. of volcanic ash. Highlights Step back in time on a history tour Private guide for a more personalized experience What You Can Expect Michael D, Professional Tour Guide, explaining… Meet your guide in Sorrento and take the local train (Circumvesuviana local train tickets at own expense) to the famous archaeological of Pompeii. The advantage of the service offered is that you enjoy the full professionalism of a Fully Licensed Professional Tour Guide, with a solid background in what is the knowledge regarding the History, Politics, daily life and Social backdrop, etc., related to the main events in the Ancient Roman town of Pompeii, 2000 years ago.

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